Sunwin Stevia International, Inc.

Sunwin is engaged in the manufacture and sale of a wide range of neutraceutical products. Our product lines include zero-calorie all natural Stevia sweetener. Sunwin has built an integrated global organization with the sourcing and production capabilities to satisfy the needs of global consumers.

The Sunwin family works closely with consumers to provide quality, value, and a hybrid mix of agricultural products and services that meet the growing demand.


5/2011 Sunwin and WILD Flavors, Inc. signed a collaboration agreement with Domino Foods, Inc. to introduce a wide range of all natural, low calorie and no calorie sweetening solutions that contain Sunwin Stevia™.

3/2011 Sunwin received the highest industry certifications for its stevia facility including HACCP, ISO 9001, and ISO 22000.

3/2010  Sunwin received GRAS Letters of No Objection from FDA on five stevia extract products, including Rebaudioside A98, Rebaudioside A95, Rebaudioside A80, Rebaudioside A60, and Stevioside 90 Stevia Extracts. 

1/2010  Sunwin's Stevia Extracts received the Scientific and Technological Achievements Certification from the Shangdong Province Science and Technology Bureau. The certification recognizes Sunwin's Stevia Extracts as meeting the standards established for high-grade stevia extras required in the American and European marketplaces.

10/2009  Sunwin received recognition from the Jining City Scientific and Technology Bureau for the development of its proprietary high-grade stevia extraction and refinement technologies used in its stevia extract processes.

2/2009  Sunwin partners with WILD Flavors, Inc., one of the largest, privately-owned suppliers of natural and health-enhancing ingredients, flavors, colors, and innovative product concepts to the food and beverage industry, to sell, market, and distribute Sunwin International Stevia Extracts as well as formulate great-tasting, proprietary, natural sweetening blends for food and beverage products.  

12/2008  Sunwin is one of the largest global producers and sellers of Stevia, which has  received approval from the FDA to be used in food and beverages.

Future Development

The worldwide demand for healthy sugar is rising, and we estimate that the demand for stevioside is increasing at a rate of 15% to 20% annually. According to the China Stevioside Sugar Association, in 2002, worldwide demand for stevioside exceeded 1,200 tons and China supplied more than 1,000 tons, accounting for 80% of worldwide consumption of stevioside. Sunwin presently has manufacturing capacity for more than 700 metric tons of Stevia in multiple grades to meet specific market and product needs.

The company continues to vertically integrate its operations. Sunwin is expanding its US presence as market interest in Stevia products increases through greater awareness of health issues and increasing demand for natural products. The recent approval by FDA for Stevia will open additional market opportunities.

Success in these efforts will grow company revenue, and diligent attention to cost of goods and raw materials will preserve and enhance profitability and cash generation to invest in future efforts.